We Set The Standards!


At the Bocan JROTC each year is more exciting and more rewarding than the previous one. The realization of  successful past has been brought by the kids and the parents of this program. This program is funded for only with the class room needs including the textbooks and the uniforms. However the squad’s success contributes to the activities and programs outside the classroom such as field trips, camps, team competitions, camps, community service and conferences given to our young people not usually able to be found.


The logistics of these events include housing, tickets, meals, and transportation and the only way these items are met is through fundraising. So if you would like to help by a donation or by volunteering please let the President or the Secretary know that you are able and from there we will make the appropriate allocations for you.


This is a nationally ranked award winning JROTC unit and we have a CPO membership of over 100 parents. With this it represents over 50 of the enrollment of the staff.

The JROTC started as a component of the National Defense Act of 1916. The program is of 3 levels of direction and are as follows. Senior, Lesser, and the Military division. Our unit was set up in 1996 and is of the Lesser division. Our Battalion has received many awards and has kept up the status of our astounding rating.

Our mission theory is “To Motivate Young People To Be Better Citizens”. We support our country that gives our cadets the aptitudes and inspiration to remain free, and to move on from secondary school into the real world and to be successful. In our program we try to ingrain in the understudies in auxiliary instructive foundations the estimations of citizenship, administration to the group and the United States, moral obligation, and a feeling of achievement.

There is no military commitment related with joining the JROTC.

With this we would like to thank everybody that helps support the Bocan JROTC. Without it we would not be able to do what we do!

Thank you for the sponsors that have helped us throughout the years…