Drill Teams

The teams consist of

Armed Drill

Unarmed Drill

Color Guard




The Armed Drill Squad is 40 strong cadets who practice every weekday. The Basic & Exhibition Drill teams are ran by the Executive officer. These members meet five times a week for practice. These drill that are practiced consist of basic marching such as obliques, dress right dress, flanks, and forward march. The Exhibition drill team combines the spinning, marching and precision movements with the rifle. Everybody is graded on factors of command, alignment and sharpness.

The Unarmed Drill Squad is 26 strong that practice every weekday. They are sharp looking cadets that can keep an excellent tempo while making different beats and rhythms by stomping, marching, and slapping. Doing this while trying to impress there military inspectors while in uniform.

The Color Guard Squad is 37 strong and practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and they practice the presentation of the American flag for the anthem or the pledge of allegiance. The grade that the Color Guard receives is dependent on the command, alignment, and staying within the boundaries. The positions of Color Guard is as follows: Color Guard commander, right rifle, left rifle and many others. The job of the rifles is to to protect the one that holds the flag. Also Color Guard preforms in other events such as ceremonies.

The PT Squads workout consists of the hundred yard dash, sit ups, push ups, pull ups, and the quarter mile run. The PT squad meets on Thursday and Saturday mornings at 0530 and work out till 0700. Calisthenics are usually the main focus on Thursdays and on Saturdays it is motivational runs or relays. The PT Squad sets the standard in the sit ups and push up events and is responsible for keeping up the physical and the mental uplifting of its members.

TheĀ Academic Squad competes at drill meets and also take the National Academic Exam while also tutoring other cadets/students. Our Academic Squad will provide aid to anyone of any age and any grade. We are here to help you in your learning.